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Welcome to our website, we understand that it may not be easy to ask for help. We at ‘Let’s just sort it’ are here to support and guide you to a more clutter free space.  We do understand that life can be very busy and before you know it, you don’t know where to start in decluttering your space. We recognise that clutter can make you feel low and overwhelmed. Having a helping hand and encouragement in a kind and confidential manner, may be just what you need. 

We are professional declutters and organisers, who are experts in helping you gain the space that you want. We work on a totally confidential basis, without judgement, working with you in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. We understand that this is your place and respect that. All area’s considered whether it’s a room, office, garden shed, garage, loft or your entire home, no job is too big or too small.

Thinking of moving, and need help making your home more sellable? We can declutter and advise on the best way to present your home for a quick sale.

When experiencing bereavement, the task of clearing out the family home can be totally devastating. We could help share the task of sorting, and advising you of how to go about this.

An initial meeting will be for an hour, at the place where the work is to be done.  We will discuss then what is needed, and we will explain how we work, time scale and pricing.  We will make a schedule of what will take place and when, so that you are always clear about what will happen.

Once an agreement has been made, we usually work for a minimum of 3 hours at any given time.  The options are always yours, so you feel totally in control of the situation. As we always work with you, no items will ever been thrown away or given to charity without your consent. 


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