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Clearouts and creating space

Nowadays we tend to live in a society where we consume and buy more things than ever before. Our life styles are often centred on accumulating stuff. Whether this is Electrical, DVD's, Books, Clothes, Gadgets, and the lists go on. We are hardly aware of how much stuff we buy. In the past 20/30 years garden centre's, shopping malls and precincts have opened up, with goods to buy that are not necessary to our everyday life.Even supermarkets are cashing in, in our need to buy stuff other than food. We are all responsible for buying those items you never thought you wanted, but having seen them in store, you buy them never the less.

So we acquire more and more stuff, and if you can afford it what's the problem? Well for some it's become a problem when your home does not have the room to store all that you have, and the overflow takes over. Often it can begin with a small pile in the corner, which grows and grows. People tend not to notice how the clutter develops, it may be in one room at first that you can close the door on, but then speads the other areas of the house.

In our work supporting people to declutter their home and working spaces, we have found time and time again, our clients saying how wonderful it feels to no longer worry about clutter. Their space is so much easier to navigate. Clearing clutter can have a wonderful calming and positive effect on your life. I have know people suffering from depression from the state of their home, to feel so much happier, when it's clutter free.

We understand what a big decision it is to admit that you need support, and how you may be putting off calling us. Being overwhelmed by your situation, not knowing where to start is our job. We at Let's jus sort it, love what we do, and nothing makes us happier then helping people achieve their goals.

So pluck up the courage today and give us a call, we will try and make you feel comfortable from the first phone call.

Beverley Sandler

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